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  24 June - October 2019
• L'ANDART’19 International Biennial of Andorra, ANDORRA
  14 June - 14 September 2019
• I-Park_Site-Responsive Art Residency & Biennale, Connecticut, USA
  September 2019
  24 October - 10 Nov 2019
"Portable Containment: where are we going?" BIENNALE OF AUSTRALIAN ART 2018, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA

"Portable Containment: where are we going continues...?" Edge Greenway Festival

"Portable Containment: urban sprawl" EDEN UNEARTHED 2018_Eden Gardens, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
"Portable Containment: vestige" PALMER BIENNIAL 2018, S.AUSTRALIA  CLICK IMAGE
"Portable Containment: cradle to cradle" SCULPTURE AT SCENIC WORLD 2017, AUS Photo: Keith Maxwell  CLICK IMAGE
_MG_6467 PHOTO BY Gary Grealy CUT DOWN
"Nomadic City: portable containment" UNEARTHED 2017_Eden Gardens, AUS. photo by Gary Grearly. CLICK IMAGE
"Aqua: gold of the future...?" SCULPTURE BY THE SEA_Bondi 2017, AUS CLICK IMAGE


• ART ON the Greenway, commission from Innerwest Council, Lilyfield, AUS Website
EDEN UNEARTHED 2018-19, commission, EDEN GARDENS, NSW, AUS Website
Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2018_YATOO, City of Gongju, KOREA Nature Art Biennale Website
EDEN UNEARTHED 2017-18, commission, Eden Gardens_Sydney,  AUS Eden Unearthed 2017
• PALMER SCULPTURE BIENNIAL 2018_Palmer, South Australia Palmer Sculpture Biennial website 
THE STORY OF SPACE_Goa, India, 2017 The Story of Space 2017
kNOw NATURE_MOG (Museum of Goa) India, 2017 Museum of Goa
SCULPTURE BY THE SEA_Bondi, 2017 Sculpture By The Sea
“Art & Environment: Creative Response to Place at Sculpture by the Sea” Vivid Sydney
ART ON THE GREENWAY 2017_Old Lilyfield Road Bridge, Sydney, Australia, 2017 Art on Greenway Disaster
SCULPTURE AT SCENIC WORLD _Katoomba, Australia. 2017 Sculpture at Scenic World
HILL END FESTIVAL 2017 _Hill End, Australia. 2017
HILL END Artist’s Residency_NSW,  Australia. 2017 Hill End Residency
• SCULPTURE BY THE SEA_Bondi, Australia. 2016
STEP IN STONE _Salisbury Art Centre, UK. 2016
• “WATER” GEUMGANG NATURE ART BIENNALE _Chungnam, Republic of Korea, 2016 
AT BARANGAROO _Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney, Australia, 2016
HARBOURVIEW SCULPTURE TAIL _Auckland, New Zealand, 2016  Harbourview Sculpture Trail

RECENT PROJECTS                  CLICK IMAGE for more information

IMG_8279  IMG_8288

IMG_7483  IMG_7665  IMG_7760

24068224_1648438865218961_1876534732549024778_n  24293906_10155258434462737_4520958509574471880_n  24129934_10155258434622737_8680378437250955374_n

IMG_7400  IMG_7365  IMG_7361  Footprint9

12nov.FacingSpace_caging9  12nov.FacingSpace_caging2  12nov.FacingSpace_caging5  12nov.FacingSpace_caging7

Cherie&Sally2.sm  Cherie&Sally4 copy.sm  Cherie&SallySarcoph_sm copy

Sally_Cherie-CAVE-6  Sally_Cherie-CAVE-1  Sally_Cherie-CAVE-3  Sally_Cherie-CAVE-7

IMG_6751  IMG_6718

DSC02110  DSC02059

DSC00181  DSC00228  DSC00089  DSC00063

IMG_6300  IMG_6379  IMG_6291  IMG_6375 (1)

KS2_8192  KS2_8209

15-P-PrintUse  IMG_5736

IMG_5215   IMG_5337

sxs-more-final_2  sxs-more-final_9  sxs_elyssa_performance

OneJourneyEndsA  OneJourneyEnds7  OneJourneyEnds2  OneJourneyEnds_detail

Lilyfield road bridge5_sm  Lilyfield road bridge_sm  Lilyfield Road Bridge_Chair3_sm

Harbourview Sculpture_grass_growing2_sm  Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 7.56.19 am  Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 7.56.58 am

Lest We Forget_shadow view_new  Terra Firma 9.sm  At the Table_time for action Sally Kidall3  Cultural Centre 6 AXIS  Cradle to Cradle ArtCOP21_making2  Terra Firma teapot.sm

Kidall_Sally_Nomadic_City_lest_we_forget_II copy  Nomadic_City3q_Skidall  NorthSydney_9sm

Thirroul Festival 2013sm  sxs 2013  SxS2013_3

KIDALL_Grass is alway greener_OttoPhoto  UWS 2012_6sm  In the Bag 2012  Kiev_image2  David Jones Table2A  SXS image 2012

Kidall_Thirroul_2011_detail  Kidall_Thirroul_2011

Kidall_AtTheTable_are_we_sitting_comfortably?sm  Kidall_Thirroul_2010

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  KIDALL_Grassis Always Greener_Lest We Forget 2    In the Bag 2012 detail

Slide17 Slide06  Slide07  Image for invite_sm  BrrunswickLong6-final


Floating city  HotelImagewith light  Image 1 work, Coal Prize Eden Gardens Visual_smaller copy Sally_Kidall_BOAA_Catalogue_Image  Hill End Room View psd  Bondi Site1_detail  Lillyfield Road Bridge4 Leichhart sketch 2017SallyKidall Image proposal 3SallyKidall Image proposal Image 2

Grass is always greener4a  Ladder in bag 4a-sm  Grass is always greener2 Terra Firma dress.sm Terra Firma tools.sm SM Lest We Forget pyramid 2b Tufia_small_bags
CONTACT         skidall@gmail.com

Earlier Projects:-

  • 2018 & 2017 selected for 1st finalist round for Arte Laguna_Land Art Prize, Venice, ITALY
  • 2017 finalist for Cheng Long Environmental Art Project, TAIWAN
  • 2017 Residency at Hill End NSW, AUS
  • 2016 Sculpture by the Sea_Bondi, Sydney, AUS
  • 2016 Sculpture at Barangaroo, Sydney, AUS
  • 2016 final round for IntraRegionale in Hanover, GERMANY
  • 2016 commissioned to create a new environmental work for Leichhardt Council for the Lilyfield Road Bridge. AUS
  • 2016 Harbourview Sculpture Trail, Auckland, NZ
  • 2015  selected artist in ‘Step in Stone’ quarry trail, funded by Arts Council England, creating 2 ambitious large scale installations in abandoned limestone quarries, Somerset, UK
  • 2014  invited artists in Tufi’Artes: AiNIN Symposium, Gran Canaria, SPAIN
  • 2012 representing Australia in UKRAINE in the inaugural  International Contemporary Sculpture Festival organised by Kyiv Sculpture Project, in collaboration with the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK
  • 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016 & 2017 Sculpture by the Sea_Bondi, AUSTRALIA

International environmental artist Sally Kidall creates vast site-specific interventions within challenging natural and urban locations and beyond the restraints of the gallery and has over 35 years of experience. She endeavours, through her practice, to inspire and challenge a wider audience, evoking thoughts/questions and stimulating discussion. Currently based in Australia she travels widely to create her engaging ephemeral installations.

She is a regular exhibiter at the coastal cliff walk for Sculpture by the Sea_Bondi, Australia, exhibiting in Auckland’s saltbush Harbourview Sculpture Trail, New Zealand, urban waterways in Gongju City for Yatoo Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, Korea, a miner’s cottage for Sculpture at Scenic World, Katoomba, Australia, a freshwater lake at UWS Sculpture Awards, Sydney and a volcanic island site for Tufi’Arts, Grand Canaria, Spain.

In 2015 Kidall was a feature artist for Step in Stone, a vast quarry based project funded by Arts Council England UK, and represented Australia in Kiev, Ukraine at the inaugural International Contemporary Sculpture Festival 2012 in collaboration with Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK. 2017 & 18 short listed for Arte Laguna_Land Art prize, Venice and invited to Global Nomadic Arts Project, France and travelled to India to collaborate in The Story of Space 2017, City of Panjim, plus exhibited at the Museum of Goa, India.

In 2018 she exhibited as part of the Biennale of Australian Art, Victoria and in 2019 she will create new installations in the Netherlands, Andorra, USA and France.

In 2006 Kidall completed her Masters at Portsmouth University, UK and in 1983 completed her BA Honours in Sculpture at Norwich School of Art.

“Through site-specific environmental installations and photography I seek to challenge the predictability of expectations & ‘cultural homogeneity’. My art practice is inspired by the complexities, equilibrium and fragility of the natural environment and by the ways in which our man-made systems work within, or in opposition to, these natural systems. The focus of my practice is the concept of transition, including notions of unpredictability, vulnerability, deterioration and ephemerality. It is informed by issues relating to human ecology, cultural displacement, consumption and materialism”.

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